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On the surface of Creeponia is a forest. The forest contains trees that are composed of Creep Wood and Creep Leaves. Creep Vines can be found growing off of the trees. Creep Grass and Creep Flowers cover parts of the surface. The surface terrain generates primarily as a hybrid with some hilly areas and some flat areas. Massive holes leading to the underground caves can be found periodically. The surface is the only place in Creeponia where structures can be found.

Massive caves generate underground in Creeponia. The underground is divided into 3 layers of stone: Creep Stone, Unstable Stone, and Primed Stone. Immediately below the surface (below Creeponia Dirt) lies a layer of Creep Stone which extends down until about y = 50. Below this point, Unstable Stone makes up the underground until about y = 19. Below this, up until the bottom of the world, the underground is made up of Primed Stone. The Primed Stone extends until the last few layers of the world, which contains dimensional fabric. Jewelyte Ore and Gemenyte Ore generate on the Unstable Stone layer, while Ornamyte Ore generates on the Primed Stone layer. Creep Crystals can be found underground on any layer.